As your Personal Trainer, Dave will help you define and meet attainable fitness goals and improve your overall strength, endurance and fitness level.  With the daily demands of work, kids, car pools, and general running around,  it's hard to make fitness a priority.  With Dave's guidance, you'll come up with strategies that work within the confines of your busy lifestyle.  And as fitness becomes part of your routine, and you start reaching your goals, you'll find your life enriched in ways you never expected.

Fitness Evaluations body fat assessment, blood pressure check, abdominal endurance, upper, lower and core body strength assessment.  This provides a snapshot to help you plan your fitness goals and gauge your fitness improvement.   For in-depth assessment, you may want to consider Functional Movement Screening. Quarterly evaluations are recommended to assess areas of strength and weakness and to realign goals. 
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Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 1996
Spinning© Instructor Certification
Certified TRX Fitness Instructor
Certified Functional Movement Screen Expert™
CPR/AED certified